7 activities you can do at home with your kiddos

7 activities you can do at home with your kiddos

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been quarantined at home for a while now. I thought it would be nice to share some activities you can do at home with your kiddos! If you want more information on the COVID-19 check out my post: The general 411 on COVID-19.

I am sure many moms are going crazy being at home for the majority of the day, for days on end.

Thank goodness for mom friends that had kids before you. I got a lot of these ideas from them! My wonderful source and support. Here you go, 7 activities you can do at home with your kiddos!

1. Make Flubber

My first experience with flubber was when I worked at a daycare.

It’s a fun goopy texture that can a great sensory activity. Check out the recipe at Laughing Kids Learn

It can be stretched, pulled apart and put back together. You can make multiple colors and mix the colors together! Such a fun activity.

When I would make it for the kids at the daycare, we would lay them flat out on a table and use a straw to blow large flubber bubbles!

There is borax in the recipe so make sure that your child is supervised during the making and during play.

2. Make your own playdough

Making your own playdough can be a money-saving and fun activity to do at home! The recipe I found uses ingredients you would find in your kitchen!

The making of playdough is entertaining for older kids and then playing with it after lengthens the time they’re kept busy. Check out the recipe on DIY Natural!

3. Play with water beads

Water beads are so much fun! My daughter loved playing with them. They are about the size of small marbles when they are their full size (choking hazard for small kids so make sure they are supervised).

You can find them here. I liked these ones because they are non-toxic, reusable and eco-friendly.

Word of caution though, they can get everywhere. My largest concern was that I wouldn’t see it and my daughter would put it in her mouth. As long as you’re supervising I didn’t have any problems.

4. Kinetic sand

Kinetic sand is a great one for older kids (3+ years). Mimick being on the beach indoors with kinetic sand. You can mold it like wet beach sand and it comes in fun colors!

My friend kept her 3-year old busy for a few hours with kinetic sand.

5. Bake at home

If your child is older (2+ years), it is fun to bake with your kiddo. Cupcakes are a good one, they will have a good time adding all the ingredients and baking the cupcake but also decorating after too and we can’t forget they will enjoy the fruit of their labor once the decorating is done.

Here’s a simple recipe for vanilla cupcakes from food.com

6. Build a fort at home

This is a fun one! Using a bedsheet, cardboard, pillows and other parts of furniture around the house you can build a fort in your home. Kids love this one, they can tap into their creative side and design their fort and see it come to life!

Maybe after you can watch a movie as a family in the fort.

7. Build an obstacle course at home

I thought this was a creative one, both parents and the kids can be creative when building an obstacle course at home!

Use household items and your child’s toys to make an obstacle course. For example, throw 4 balls into a pot before advancing to the next obstacle. Do 5 push-ups and build a tower with blocks before moving forward.

The combinations and ideas are endless.

I hope these 7 activities you can do at home with your kiddos will keep you safe and healthy!

Fun and creative activities to do at home with you kids when you can't go outside or on rainy days.

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