My recommended top 3 photographers in Vancouver

3 best lifestyle photographers in Vancouver

It is all about photos and videos nowadays especially with the rise in popularity of Instagram and TikTok apps. I don’t know about you but I love taking photos and videos. I love capturing moments and having that memory. This is more true since my daughter was born. I’ve always recommended to my friends and family that a professional photographer is a worthwhile investment and I stand by that. I love taking photos but I also want to be in the photos, cue the photographer. So, here are my recommendations of 3 best lifestyle photographers in Vancouver.

If you’re living in Vancouver or even visiting and are in need of a photographer check out my list. I have had a negative experience with a professional photographer and what makes it worst is that I hired them for such an important event in my life. Don’t make the same mistakes as me.

1. Rina Ryu Photography

I have used Rina Ryu Photography in many of our lifestyle photoshoots since my daughter was born. As a mom herself, she is professional and really great with kids. When we took our newborn photos, of course, Madison as a baby was unpredictable but Rina was patient and understanding. I really appreciated that.

Not to mention the photos turned out great. If your style is clean, white, simple, you will love Rina’s style.

Another great thing is that Rina’s prices are great. She provides amazing services for what she charges. I highly recommend her.

She offers newborn, fresh 48, maternity and family sessions. Check out her website.

2. Crystal Sing Photography

She is a great photographer too. Crystal Sing Photography captured our daughter Madison’s 100 days. The 100 Days is something we celebrate in the Korean culture.

Crystal has a lot of great experience under her belt and does lifestyle, wedding, and newborn sessions. She was super personable and wonderfully friendly. I was comfortable during the shoot which is something that is important when doing a family shoot.

Crystal’s prices compare closely to many other professional photographers. If you love the earthy, light, and romantic feel and look I would recommend Crystal.

3. Taya Photography

Taya Photography has beautiful photos. I personally have not had photos taken by her but many close friends have used her photography services. One friend used them as their wedding photographer and another had newborn photos done with her and they were absolutely beautiful. I have linked her website here. Take a look at her portfolio.

Her prices are similar to Crystal Sing Photography. So they are on the higher end but if your style is a clean, white, airy romantic style, you will like Taya. My husband and I were going to hire her for my daughter’s first birthday but were unable to follow through due to COVID-19.

These are my top photographers I would recommend based on my encounters with them as well as their style and their prices. I hope you consider them if you’re looking for a photographer in Vancouver.

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best photographers in Vancouver

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