Find that gift for that special someone with your exclusive Christmas gift guide!

Your Exclusive Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas shopping gets super crazy this time of year. I would know, I am a notorious last-minute shopper. However, that in no way means that my gifts aren’t thoughtful and unique to each person I shop for. I personally enjoy shopping for people I love. I really love when people give me gifts instead of a gift card because it shows that they know me. So I love to give gifts in the same way. However, if you’re a person that struggles with gift-giving but want to give meaningful gifts, here is your exclusive Christmas gift guide.

For Her

When buying gifts for her, you can go so many ways. Here are a few ways you can’t go wrong.

For The Seconds Jewelry

Maybe she’s your best friend, maybe she’s your wife, or maybe she’s your mom. Whoever that special lady is in your life, For The Seconds has beautiful, simple, dainty 14K gold-filled pieces for that special person on your list.

For The Seconds, is created and made by a local Vancouverite, Esther. She puts so much thought into her pieces, making them timeless. What I love most about her brand is that it is local. Her jewelry, as I mentioned is 14K gold-filled making them tarnish-free and low maintenance. They can be worn when you’re out and about or when you are lazing at home. It adds a simple shine to your outfit to perfect the look, no matter what you’re wearing.

I highly recommend For The Seconds. The pieces are beautiful and the price is just right. They have necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for all the sparkle lovers on your list.

For The Seconds provides free shipping to Canada and the USA and it is quick! They are also offering local pick up so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays! So, if you’re looking for last-minute gifts on time for Christmas, birthdays, Valentines, or Mother’s day, you want to check out their Etsy store, here. I also recommend visiting her on Instagram, @ForTheSeconds, for great ideas on the different ways you can wear the jewelry and all the pieces she offers.

Duchess Cosmo

Duchess Cosmo is an awesome gift for Her! Which is why it is on my exclusive Christmas gift guide!
Photo from Duchess Cosmo website

Yes, ladies, it’s a cosmo in a bottle. And yes, it is delicious. It comes in a pack of 4 bottles and it comes in a pack of 8. Pick your fancy.

Who says that cosmopolitans are only for when you’re out on the town. And if you’re not a fancy girl like me, you will still enjoy this yummy beverage. Oh… I mean…. gifting this yummy beverage…

Oh hell, get two 4-packs and enjoy with that girlfriend on your Christmas list.

Another Vancouver local shop. Are you sensing a theme here? They have them available to order online and also in select liquor stores across the lower mainland.

It tastes as beautiful as the packaging looks. It’s “fancy” and “safe at home” all at the same time. It’s a great gift for that girlfriend on your list who you miss spending Happy Hours with.

I know I will be picking some up to share for those gals on my list. My Happy Hour girls. Just because we can’t have Happy Hour at our favorite restaurants doesn’t mean we can’t class up our zoom dates.

For Him

I probably struggle with gifts for the guys in my life the most! Is it just me or does everyone struggle with gifts for him? I find guys so hard to shop for. I asked around and here are some suggestions you can’t go wrong with. Your simple exclusive Christmas gift guide for him!


For Him on your exclusive Christmas gift guide! Men are so hard to shop for but you can't go wrong with Vessi waterproof shoes!
Photo from Vessi website

Waterproof shoes! There’s something about Vessi shoes, men love them. My husband has them, my brother has a pair, so many of my guy friends have pairs too!

My husband has 3 pairs and rotates them every day. I have some too, and they really do work. They are breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and fit snug but true to size. Did I mention they are vegan?!?!

Created by 3 Vancouver locals. Can I just add, that a lot of great things come from Vancouver.

Check out their website for some great deals they’re having during the holidays. They also make great gifts for anyone on your list. Vessi offers free shipping and free exchanges if you get the wrong size. The shipping is quick and the exchange is no hassle. I exchanged mine 2 times due to sizing issues… so I would know.


So this is my one suggestion that is not Vancouver local but it makes a great gift. All the guys, literally all the guys in my life, except my dad, love playing Spikeball.

So, it is a simple set up of a small rubber ball, a plastic ring with legs that you can hook a black net on (like a mini-trampoline). You can play with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of, I think, 6 people or however many people you can get around the ring. The concept of the game is that you hit the ball with your hand and bounce it on the net and someone from the other team does the same. It’s kind of like volleyball but the net is kinda on the ground.

It is fun for all people, of all ages but the guys seem to love it, A LOT! I highly recommend!

For the Families

I know you have a few of those close friends, who are families. I think the best gift to give families is something they can do together. Here is your exclusive Christmas gift guide for families.

Rina Ryu Photography

What better to gift that family on your Christmas list than a family photo session. Rina, a fellow mom and talented photographer is our family’s go-to photographer. As a mother of 2, she has a knack for photographing children and capturing those wonderfully genuine moments.

A family photo session means, the family gets to spend quality together, make memories of that time and season, and have photos to remember them. As a mom, I love capturing memories with my family and of my family but most of the time, I am not in them as I am the one taking the photos.

Give that mom friend, this amazing gift. The photos below were taken by Rina when my daughter was 6 months old. I wanted memories of grandparents and uncles enjoying her at this age. Aren’t they amazing?

Rina is a local Vancouver photographer who does Fresh 48, family, and other lifestyle photos such as pregnancy shoots, couples, and even events, for example, my daughter’s first birthday party. She is very well priced for such a talented photographer. Rina also does branding photography. She works with businesses and brands to capture photos for their social media, website, and store. She literally does it all!

You can purchase a photo session as a gift through the Rina Ryu Photography website. While you’re there check out her portfolio: simple, clean, and beautiful pictures. If you want to see more from Rina, check out her Instagram too, @RinaRyuPhotography.

Would you like to vet some other amazing photographers? Check out my post: 3 Best Lifestyle Photographers in Vancouver.

Family Outing

This one is a little vague but I have always been a big supporter of quality time spent together than material things. So, I suggest buying tickets to local activities or events in your area. Get that family you love, a family ticket to that local holiday event!

My daughter and I at Glow, last year.
  • Christmas lights Display
  • Your city Zoo
  • Your local Aquarium
  • Escape Room/Exit

These are just a few events you can get for that family on your list. Check out what is going on in your local area!

If you’re a Vancouver local, here’s some stuff for you!

There are so many more holiday and non-holiday themed events happening in Vancouver. These are only a few to consider.

For the Kids

Kids are always easy to shop for but I really love toys that are simulating and also helps kids learn and exercise their senses. Here are my exclusive gift guide for the kids.

Baby Nook Shop

The Baby Nook Shop is a brand new local baby shop that opened up in New Westminster, BC. The owners are two lovely local Vancouver mamas. The Baby Nook Shop has a curated selection of sensory and learning toys. Everything on this exclusive Christmas gift guide for the kiddos is from the Baby Nook shop!

The toys are simple, beautiful, and most importantly it encourages creativity and learning.

Here are my recommendations:

The Sensory Kit

This particularly beautiful box of goodies is filled with non-toxic, versatile pieces to encourage your kid’s growth and learning.

Christmas gifts for the kiddos from the Baby Nook Shop! Check out your exclusive Christmas gift guide!
Photo provided by Baby Nook

This set comes with non-toxic modeling dough, a bag of beautifully colorful kernels of corn, a wooden scoop, wooden peg dolls, a wooden acorn, small animal toys, your choice of dinosaurs, land animals, and sea animals. And to top it off a glow in the dark gem! Perfect for kids three years, and older!

That is my daughter playing with the colored corn! It is great for fine and gross motor skill development.

Make sure you keep an eye on the younger ones tho since some pieces are small.

Wooden Balance Stones

My daughter’s favorite from the Baby Nook Shop is the Wooden Balance Stones. She gravitated straight to them when we visited the shop!

These stones are beautifully colored with 100% non-toxic water-based paint. It comes in a set of 13 stones and encourages open-ended imaginative play, motor skill development, and problem-solving skills.

My daughter is only 18 months old and she enjoys them so much. She loves to knock them over after I’ve carefully stacked them together. The pure joy on her face is the best feeling.

Wooden Rainbow Puzzle

Lastly, I recommend the Wooden Rainbow Puzzle! It is so beautiful. I just love wooden toys. This wooden puzzle is made from New Zealand pine and painted with 100% non-toxic water-based paint (I love how Baby Nook prioritizes our children’s safety)

This gorgeous puzzle challenges children to think outside the box as it is a puzzle in itself but also can be used for other kinds of imaginative play. Did I mention it makes a beautiful decorative piece you can add to your home when it isn’t being enjoyed by the little ones?

All these beautiful toys are very well priced and Baby Nook provides beautiful gift wrapping, in-store and online! They also provide free pick up on online orders so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays!

Whoever you’re shopping for, I got you covered. All local businesses from Vancouver, that provide great services and products. I personally use, have, and do all the things on this exclusive Christmas gift guide and I highly recommend each and every single one! Happy Shopping!

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