First time parents or parents of three, here are some amazing rescources available for all parents and the best part is it's FREE!

5 Amazing free resources for first time parents

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In the age of modern technology, new parents have access to so many wonderful resources to aid in the new parenthood journey.

The problem is, there are too many resources out there. This makes it hard to narrow down what is going to be helpful. If you have the time to sift through the endless amount of parenting information out there, you will find many of them are contradicting.

As a first time mom, I have found a few resources helpful in my journey. Check out my list of amazing free resources for parents!

1. Taking Cara Babies

The first free resource I would recommend is Taking Cara Babies.

The Taking Cara Babies’ founder Cara is a neonatal nurse and married to a pediatrician. She specializes in baby sleep from birth to toddler-hood.

Taking Cara Babies has courses and booklets focused on sleep. The main focus on the foundations of good sleep habits and training. The courses are broken down into age groups and based on scientific research.

Sleep was a huge thing for me as a new mom. I knew for me to enjoy motherhood I needed to get my rest so I researched a lot of newborn sleep. There are paid resources such as the courses. I have personally invested in the First Five Months Bundle. This includes a newborn class (birth to 12 weeks) and helpful aids through the 3-4 month sleep regression phase. Everything you need to lay a healthy foundation for a good sleeper for the long haul.

Cara also provides many free resources such as a blog that tackles sleep-related issues. Topics such as transitioning out of a swaddle, transitioning into the crib and many more. Her blog has been a great resource for me as a mom as my daughter matured and her sleep changed.

I personally follow her on Instagram. I have found the topics of her posts and Instastories very helpful.

Check her out. @takingcarababies

2. Happiest Baby on the Block

Dr. Karp wrote the book, “Happiest Baby on the Block”. Cara from Taking Cara Babies also uses Dr. Karp’s 5 S’s.

When my daughter was first born we used the 5 S’s religiously. I found it works wonders for the first 3 months of your newborn’s life, commonly known as the 4th trimester. These 5 steps used together helped calm and eventually sleep, my daughter. There are YouTube videos and Dr. Karp even has a free blog site with more information about the 5 S’s.

The logic behind Dr. Karp’s methods really made sense to me. Human babies are apparently born not fully ready. For example, some newborn baby animals are born and able to walk right from birth! These 5 S’s mimick the womb to help calm and provide comfort for your newborn.

Check out the free resources but if you’re interested in the book, click here.

3. Baby Sleep Science

Another baby sleep resource… can you tell that baby sleep was something that made me anxious?

Baby Sleep Science provides consultations and other paid services but I found the free blog resource so helpful.

As a new mom, I was unsure of sleep, daytime vs night time. What are normal stretches of sleep that are appropriate for a baby’s age? How many hours is normal? When does sleep change? So many questions plagued my mind. This is another amazing free resource for new parents!

4. Feeding Littles

I follow @feedinglittles on Instagram. This resource is great for feeding your child. I didn’t use it too much when my daughter was breastfeeding but once she started on solids it was very useful! They have a link to their website on their Instagram page that leads to even more resources, paid and free.

It provides ideas and tips for meals. The focus is to helps kids grow positive associations with foods. When my daughter first started solids, I didn’t know the “rules” for foods with added salt, oils, and even sugars. The Feeding Littles Instagram page posts helpful images of the general rules for introducing solid foods.

5. Kelly Mom

For all those moms breastfeeding their babes. This website is the bomb dot com! Tons of information about breastfeeding, whether it is feeding, pumping, issues, anything and everything about breastfeeding can be found on the Kelly Mom website.

This was my go-to page for all my breastfeeding questions. It is backed by science (which is important to me) and provides in-depth answers for many of your breastfeeding questions.

Ever wonder about marijuana and breastfeeding? Kelly Mom addresses this. Especially since it’s legal now in Canada. Have questions about storing breastmilk? Boom answered. Wonder about nipple confusion, going from breast to bottle? Wham, you can find it on Kelly Mom.

My daughter was strictly breastfed and when she was switched over to the storage of breastmilk we had but she just wouldn’t take it. At first I thought it was the bottle but later I found on Kelly Mom that breast milk changes when it is stored and mixing with milk can help with that. We now do a 20:80 ratio of almond milk to breastmilk and my daughter loves it!

As a mom-blogger myself, I also have some blog posts that can help you in your parenting journey. Check them out below!

I hope these resources are helpful. Each baby is different and I found that these resources address the differences of each child and takes that into consideration in their advice.

First time parents or parents of three, here are some amazing rescources available for all parents and the best part is it's FREE!

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